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We've seen her been massaged and banged before, this time the shoe is on the other foot! Vanessa welcomes her client in a sexy outfit and he likes what he see. After some massaging she starts to rub his dick to see what his limits are. He lets her do her thang so she puts that big dick in her mouth and gives him a nice blowy. Then she climbs on top of the massage bench and rides him like a mofo!



















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15 minute long video with massage and some nice sexual positions.



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Today I got something for the pantyhose lovers out there :) She also gives her pussy a nice rub down so hopefully a few of you will enjoy that too.












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3 minute long clip from Lets Try Anal.

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Wohoo, Vanessa Sixxx does anal! It wasn't exactly a small cock she picked for her first buttfuck scene either!


Her boyfriend was taking pictures of her in her bikini, very innocent. He got horny though and pulled down her bikini bottom while photographing, not so innocent anymore! And it should get "worse". He started fingering her butthole then got his huge pecker out and made her suck it while he laid down in bed. She couldn't fit much of it in her mouth, imagine that thing in her ass! Well you don't have to, as you can see it right here in this post! They did some warm up fucking while he kept playing with her brown hole. The moment had came and he pushed his dong into her butt and she screamed so loud all the neighbors could hear it!


















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